Booking that once-in-a-lifetime Apartheid Adventure is easier than you think.  We don’t want your money - all we want is your blind unyielding unthinking allegiance!  Your promise to support Israel NO MATTER WHAT can yield BIG DISCOUNTS!

If you’re of the correct ethnic-religious category, it’s your birthright!  An all-expenses paid visit, just for being you.  If you’re not of the correct ethnic-religious category, well, we’re not picky about who supports us, as long as you support us ALL THE WAY.

If you’re a member of Congress, just say the word and we’ll set you up in style. 

No questions asked.  By us or by you.

All we request is that you do not click right here.  Or here.  Don’t.  We said don’t.  These are NOT good ways to travel to Israel.  What are you doing?  Quit that.  You’ll ruin everything!  Stop it!!!

Don’t think about it - just BOOK IT!

(Okay, whatever, but really REALLY don’t click here.  Or here

Really.  Don’t.  Don’t do it.  Red means stop!  Stop!!  Stop!!!)