Think drones and Apache helicopters are for sissies? Want a more hands-on experience, with a little memento that says I WENT THE DISTANCE?

Got space for a photo that won’t just start conversation but will STOP conversation?

If EXTREME EXTREMITY isn’t EXTREME enough for the extremist in you . . .

If you are (let’s just say it) THE MAN . . . . .

THE MAN   Tour

Hunting Trophies That Will Set You Apart

One of the Last Best Places for this kind of high-risk, high-intensity, high-octane sportsMANship.  Don’t let the whiners shrink the size of your throbbing excitement for this encounter with action.

No need to say it out loud.   If you’re THE MAN for this experience,

then you already know what we’re talking about!

If you’re not, then we recommend you don’t click EITHER of the links below. 

No really.  Don’t do it.

1.  Memento tour: WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK

Click here – or don’t . . . . . .

2.  Trophy tour – THE MAN Hunt

Click here – or don’t . . . . really . . . . . .

Your friends will never look at you the same way again.  We guarantee it.  Ever.


Male or female may qualify for THE MAN status.  Must qualify for Go Israel Extremer.

Warning: side effects may include addiction to this experience.  Repeat tours and long-term subscriptions available.