Real Cowboy Adventures

    Real Indigenous Bad Guys

Stake your claim while the gettin’s good in our real life adventure as a bona-fide

Pioneer Frontier Tamer of the Wilderness!   Alongside the always-popular movement of Israeli Settlers, we’ll push into dangerous Indigenous Territory and bravely capture already-inhabited hilltops.  Exciting but secure: accommodation ranges from single to double-wide mobile homes or Winnebagos and boasts the unstoppable firepower of Israeli military security, affording you the luxury of old style pioneering with first world comfort and safety.  And don't worry: you’re on the winning team!  Indians didn’t win the American West, and we're using the same plan to ensure that whatever Indians you come across here will be out of a home in no time!  Yeeehaaaww! Them savages need some civilizin'!  Giddy up cowboy, your steed’s awaitin’.