Day 1 – Orientation

8:00am – Breakfast, drive to The Sanctuary (our special center just for this tour!)

10:00am –Disassembling an M-16

3:00pm -- Reassembling an M-16

4:00pm – Late lunch

6:00pm –Disassembling an M-16

9:00pm –Reassembling an M-16

12:00pm till 8:00am – Family time


Day 2 – Laying the Foundation

8:00am – Breakfast

12:00pm - Reassembling an M-16

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm –afternoon session : Disassembling an M-16

3:00pm –afternoon session: Reassembling an M-16

4:00pm – Dinner

5:00pm –night session: Disassembling an M-16

7:00pm –night session: Reassembling an M-16

8:00pm – Tea

9:00pm –late night session: Disassembling an M-16

12:00am –late night session: Disassembling an M-16

1:00am to 8:00am – Family time


Day 3 – Practicing Connection

Same schedule as Day 2

Day 4 - Putting It Together

Same morning schedule as Day 2; afternoon for optional activities:

Self-Defense For Children

Doing It In The Dark

Sign A Real Bomb!

Father-Son Bonding: personal stories of bonding over weaponry

Mother-Daughter Bonding: gun awareness as feminine strength

              Gun?  More like FUN!


A family is a complicated unit, made up of many unique and equally important parts . . . .          kind of like an M-16!  Every parent knows that keeping it together is the key, and we invite you to experience a wonderful family bonding experience with us in our FAMILY TOGETHERNESS TOUR.

This is our very special relationship building package. No other like it exists through Apartheid Adventures, or any tourism company anywhere. We promise that your time spent with us will create in you and your family a sense of wholeness, tender understanding and love.